American Builders Construction Maryland

American Builders ConstructionBuilding a home is a big task as many things have to be taken care about. The materials that are utilized should be strong and genuine. The cost that is spent for construction is only fruitful when the constructed property has a long life and great finishing. With the passage of time the home where we live in starts giving away. The place that has sheltered us for so many years begins to crumble and turn old. It is in need of immediate attention and if you are thinking of high cost, then we are not among those who will rob you in the name of reconstruction and renovation.

American Builders Construction is a company that renovates and reconstructs your home at a comfortable budget and guarantees that their build property will last long. American Builders Construction company offers several services for your home. From wooden works to wall and ceiling construction, American Builders Construction Company does it all.

Additions and Outbuildings
Thinking of parking your car at your place or of an additional room for storing all your hardware but lacking the desired space. All you have to do is reach American Builders Construction and get your convenient additions and outstations built at an affordable cost. We will build it strong and sturdy in a professional style.

Carpentry Contractor Maryland
Now the furniture of your home or business will have the design and class you demand. The wood quality will be the finest, that’s a promise we make. The carpentry work of American Builders Construction company is excellent. Your furniture will be termite free and water resistant that will last for ages.

Drywall and Painting Contractors Maryland
American Builders Construction company brings life to your walls. We paint your walls and add give them a marvelous finish with all kinds of paints such as oil paints, emulsions, etc. Your walls will look bright and shiny without the fear of getting faded.

Flooring Installation Maryland
From tiles to marble or wooden to the plain cement floor. Have it as per your choice and budget. American Builders Construction company gives a big range when it comes to flooring your home or getting a new floor in place. Your floor will be leveled evenly from all ends.

Masonry Contractors Maryland
Every home undergoes weathering when the cement and paint of your home start to come out. American Builders Construction company can repair it with the choice of cement you want and the work will be fine for your walls and roof to be smooth.

Commercial Roofing Contractors Maryland
It happens at times the tiles or slate, in fact, any material of your roof and sidings come out. In such situations just reach American Builders Construction company and get them immediately repaired or renovated. The roofs and sidings that we will construct will be super strong and drip proof for years.

Installing Replacement Windows Maryland
Get amazing windows and doors for your home and office as windows and doors make your place look attractive or unattractive. American Builders Construction company will get the doors and windows for your site that will suit the best. They will have a long life and will be resistant to water and termite.

Kitchen Remodeling Contractors Maryland
The most commonly used area in a home is your kitchen. It is a place where a person spends a lot of time working and preparing meals. Every person desires the kitchen to be a place that is comfortable for working and with every modern amenities. We are the makers of a modern kitchen. At American Builders Construction the things that one wants for a kitchen to be high-tech are available at a price that is affordable even by the non-elites. From cupboards to utensils to other electronic device take charge for an excellent kitchen and contract that is pocket-friendly as well. So just contact for a kitchen of your dreams.

Deck Constructions Maryland
The front area of your home speaks volumes about your style and choice sense. From wooden to ceramic to marble, you may choose any kind of deck and we will make that for you. We are a company that will provide you the design and choice of a deck that you want. Just reach American Builders Construction and have a deck for a relaxing time.

Basement Contractors Maryland
If the basement is strong the structure of home will be superstrong which will last for years and bear the weather conditions as well. A basement is a place where you can store the materials of your home easily and you want it to be spacious and readily accessible. For a basement to be amazing just reach American Builders Construction and we will construct a basement keeping your requirements in mind.

Bathroom Remodeling Contractors Maryland
A stylish and elegant bathroom is the quest of many. Nowadays everybody wants a bathroom with modern facilities and American Builders Construction caters to that. Have a bathroom with taps having sensors and your choice of floors, walls and bathing elements. We will make your bathroom time a pleasurable moment of the day.


Hire Commercial Roofing Contractor Maryland


American Builders Construction company is professional commercial roofing contractors has over ten years of experience in residential and commercial roofing in Maryland.

Our combined roofing experience (over ten years) offers you the highest quality and expertise on the roof.

Our team consists of experienced professionals under the approval of the collaborative pattern. That ensures the best finish and quality.

We specialize in roofing, renovation and new construction of all roofs; sloping roofs and sloping roofs, flat roofs (EPDM rubber cover), green roofs, roof racks, Velux windows, roof insulation.

Pans, slates, EPDM or roofing? We renovate A roof


Besides a new roof or roof renovation can also contact us to insulate your roof, siding, and solar panels.

We only use materials that have already proven their quality without being the most expensive ones.

Only in this way, you as a customer are the assurance that the projects we have carried out can defy time and that your roof investment is profitable.

The two phases of your renovation project

Home Renovation Contractors Maryland

A renovation project takes place in two phases: the purchase of the property and its renovation. Especially the first state is crucial. You need to determine your budget and look for what you want from home renovation companies or better: can make. Once you’re out, with or without the help of an expert, the real work can begin.

The windows of your renovation services budget are not easy. There are many factors involved. The state of the house that you have in mind, for example. But also your building ambitions, what you want from home and what materials and interventions are needed. Not everyone is ascertainable in the beautiful world of construction. It is therefore not advisable to rely on an expert. In many cases that is even mandatory. An architect, contractor or real estate expert will tell you immediately what may or may not be possible.

Once you’ve found the house of your dreams, your home renovation contractors project will not start completely. We pass the various rounds for you.

Initially, you must close your loan and any insurance. Do not forget to put an architect under control. When you have a building permit, work can begin. That is done according to a particular order: the structural work is logical for the installation of techniques. Then the finish of the house follows.

Everything behind? Then it’s time for the delivery. You may also be able to plant your garden. Also not important: within 30 days after completion of the work, you are required to inform the cadastral. A controller will then calculate your new cadastral income. That amount will be notified within the three months after which you must report VAT.

How to install kitchen cabinets?

This is probably one of the best jobs at home. Not because of the difficulty, but because of the many choices you have to make, on your quest for the ideal kitchen. We pilot you through the whole process, from the first plans to the incomplete final result.

1. Create kitchen plan

  • kitchen-planDraw on a piece of millimeter paper, preferably on a scale, the perimeter of your current kitchen.
  • Mark fixed points such as doors, windows, ventilation, water pipes, electricity, gas, radiators, special angles and other important building elements.
  • Check that all walls are square: Draw 80 cm on one wall and 60 cm on the wall, even at the same height. If the diagonal distance between the two points is exactly 100 cm, the walls are angled.
  • Also, check whether the walls are perpendicular to the floor. Keep in mind deviations, and indicate them on your kitchen plan.

2. Organize features

  • OrganizeShare the main features. Where do you go to cook and wash, where do you put the fridge and how high is it? A sink takes up at least 50cm of closet space, but you can also choose a model that is twice as large. A gas hob with four pits requires 60 cm of closet space, but maybe you have enough of a smaller model.
  • Then give the dishwasher and microwave oven, as well as the coffee machine or other appliances a place in your new kitchen. This will prevent you from regretting your choice of furniture.
  • The planning of the storage cabinets, save you to the last.
  • When making the new layout, consider the location of existing connectors. If necessary, provide additional grounding sockets, because afterward, you prefer to overload it too much.

3. Preparing installation

  • Organize-featuresMake sure you have the kitchen plan and assembly instructions of the manufacturer at your fingertips.
  • The water supply and drainage are most desirable in the wall, just like the electrical connection points.
  • The gas cap must be fitted with a shut-off valve and never located behind the oven. Also, ensure that the gas cap is easily accessible.
  • Please note that an authorized installer may only perform changes to the installation.
  • Brick flooring also makes you better at placing the kitchen.

4. Installing and finishing kitchen cabinets

  • Kitchen-Cabinets-InstallerPut the cabinets together, without loading or unloading. Start with the cabinets underneath the worksheet.
  • Connect the cabinets and make sure they are perfectly level. Use the adjustable footsteps for this.
  • Make the sheet custom and place it on the underside.
  • Then hang the top boxes according to the way described in the manufacturer’s assembly instructions. Make sure that all cabinets on the top are at the same level.
  • If there are no recesses for sink and hob in the worktop, make them yourself with the supplied molds.
  • Fit the sink and hob according to the installation instructions and close all edges with a kit.
  • Saw the finishing strip to length and mount the piece on the worktop. Then press the worktop against the wall and attach it to the cabinet as shown in the installation manual.
  • Then you can install the mixer tap. It can connect to the wall, to the sink or the worktop.
  • Once the cabinets do installed correctly, you can attach the doors and drawers. The drawers put you in the correct position with adjustable screws.
  • The doors can fix with the screw on the door hinges. Usually, these two pins include one to set the door and one to lock the door.

5. Apply skirting boards

  • Provide the plinth slats with a layer of primer. Then lightly brush them and implement a lacquer on both sides to avoid the curvature of the skirting board.
  • Measure the length of the wall on which the skirting is applied and cut the skateboard to size.
  • Drill a 30cm hole through a 3mm wood drill plinth. Then use a zinc drill to clean the holes, so that the screws will sink later.
  • Now hold the plinth against the wall and draw the screw holes with a pencil.
  • Drill plugs into the wall with a 6mm stone drill, place holes in the borehole and screw the first plinth.
  • For straight walls, you can bond the skirting boards with mounting kit
    Measure to make an outer corner the length of the first slab and add the thickness of the slat. Then cut the lathe at an angle of 45 ° to the corner with a miter saw.
  • Now put the next plinth part against the wall and draw the edge of the wall on the lath. Sew the bar back in default, but now with the default to the outside, so that the two slats fit neatly into each other.
  • To create an inner corner, directly tie the first slab into the corner. Then slide the second bar to the first bar and put a small piece of skirt plate against and parallel to the first skirt. Take the contours onto the second slab and cut the second slope on this line.
  • When all the skirting boards do place, close the screw holes and fill the gap between the skirt and wall with acrylic kits that can smooth your finger.
  • Once the equipment dried, you can paint the skirting boards for the second time.

6. Wall tiles

  • tilesProvide a flat, clean surface. Repair tears and holes with a filler.
    Draw the surface in which you place the tiles with a pencil.
  • To prevent you from working with tiny pieces of tile, you must do the necessary calculations in advance. Take into account the thickness of the joint, and thus the thickness of the tile crosses. 2 and 3mm extension widths are most common behind a stove.
  • If the surface to tiled has an angle, start on the other side with the tiles so that you always end up in a corner and notice the cut tiles less noticeably.
  • Apply glue to the wall over an area of up to 1m². If you use more glue, all the tiles placed on the dry front.
  • Spread the glue with a glue comb and start putting the first row of tiles at the bottom.
  • Gently squeeze the tiles against the wall, and use tiles cross to keep an even distance between the tiles. To ensure that the tiles of the first row are all the same at the same height, you can place tiles between the tiles and the worktop.
  • After the first row of tiles hangs against the wall, you can start with the following rows.
  • To finish finishing the tiles, and a lubricant to the tiles with a joint.
  • Stir the joints smooth with a standard iron and remove the excess joint.
  • Then clean the tiles with a sponge and clear water.

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Is Wood Decking better than composite decking?

Wood-Decking-MarylandThis blog gives a deck construction overview of the primary steps, shelves, materials, and considerations in deck builder.

Since composite shelves came to the market, they have come to rival real wood boards in popularity. Manufacturers claim to offer benefits such as superior durability, low maintenance costs, and lower environmental impact.

Since composite shelves came to the market, they have come to rival real wood boards in popularity. Manufacturers claim to offer benefits, such as superior durability, low maintenance costs and lowering impact on the environment, while wood looks so close that it ‘s hard to break them apart. Despite these claims, there are problems with composite patio shelves that make less than ideal. Manufacturers continue to develop their products to make these issues less important.

Description of the Composite patio shelves
Companies that make composite shelve make them through a blend of small wood fibers and the plastic-polymer such as polyethylene or polyvinyl chloride. They dye the mixture and then shape it in 2-inch with 6-inch decking boards, often appearing patterned on the surface of a wood grain. The resulting hybrid looks like wood but is flexible plastic. It will carry weight as reinforced from below by terracing beams, but it is not suitable for structural purposes. You can cut and paint, but sanding will remove the surface pattern, and most manufacturers recommend it.

The advantages of composite patio shelves
Composite patio shelves are not subject to UV deterioration and will not burst or shrink. Installing it is similar to installing wooden boards, and in some cases, the shelves come pre-grooved so you can fit them with hidden attachments and prevent the surface nails or screws. Manufacturers usually provide a 25-year warranty against wear and tear, and although composite decking is not maintenance-free, it has never been finished and requires less maintenance than wooden shelves. Most composite deck shelves made from recycled materials, so composite deck shelves in usable condition mean a reduction of plastic waste at landfills.

Disadvantages of composite patio shelves
The wood fibers used the manufacture of composite decking tend to absorb moisture, which causes the plates to grow in humid conditions. Also, the moist fibers can become the fungi, which can grow and promote the surface with ugly and poisonous black spots. Composite wooden boards will hang under their weight if they are not well supported, which is a disadvantage if your deck widely distributed beams. Finally, the environmental benefit of using composite decking boards destroyed once the plates are worn out. They can not be further recycled and usually end at landfills.

Composite Vs. Wood
It does not matter how close composite patio shelves resemble wood, retaining an element of artificial that in some circumstances can not be a disadvantage. Despite the claims of manufacturers, but time will be a toll on their appearance, and your options for recovery are more limited than for wooden shelves. Considering that you can power-wash and Refinish wood floors, most manufacturers do not recommend power-welded composite boards because the pressure of the nozzle can cause the surface. If the color fades or the surface becomes dirty, you usually have to paint composite patio shelves.

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The renovation of your bathroom: places of new pipes and furniture

Bathroom Renovation Maryland

Is your bathroom outdated and is it time to renew the bathroom? Do you want a modern bathroom, fully according to your taste? American Builder Construction is the reference for the renovation of bathrooms in Maryland. Our teams offer you a personalized quote that is cleared and fast! Enjoy the best service and personal guidance by an experienced coordinator who will follow your project.

A complete accompaniment during the renovation of your bathroom

By applying American Builders Construction for installing a new bathroom, you will enjoy a lot of interesting advantages as to the progress of your construction site. Your site coordinator will be present at all the different steps of the project and will provide you with a design bathroom that suits you, according to your taste and needs. Our motto is to ensure that the customer is satisfied.

  • A personal renovation coordinator: The succession of construction yards is in the genes of American Builder Construction. Hence, your refurbishment coordinator will be your only contact for the entire duration of the site, but also during the preparations. He guides you from A to Z.
  • We ensure the best price of the market: our coordinators provide pricing of contractors using the QualityPRO label and compare the different quotes for you to offer you the best price. You enjoy quality work, in the best time limit and at the best price.
  • All of our proposals are tailor made according to your needs. Your coordinator ensures that you are fully in charge of the entire project.
  • We can provide you with a 3D plan of your new bathroom. From the start, you can see the results of your new bathroom and add any adjustments to your basic idea. Other materials or decoration, use the space differently…
  • You have a huge choice of tiles, sanitary fittings, faucets, furniture and other materials; we will come along with samples and catalogs so you can choose a material the bathroom furniture and the decoration that suits your budget and taste.
  • We can also create a safe bathroom for people with reduced mobility. To facilitate the life of PBMs, we study the particular possibilities and implement them.
  • Your pre payments blocked on a secure account; To ensure your payments, American Builder Construction saves your advances to a secure Protectacompte account, until the first day of the renovations.

A walk-in shower or a hot tub? Mosaic tiles or other tiles? We offer dozens of possibilities for your bathroom!

– Modern sanitary: Whether you choose a bath or shower, American Builder Construction offers you the solution according to your needs. An extra large shower, designer bath, wash basins with a modern look, a refined toilet or a matching bidet.

– Heating that is adapted according to the surface to be heated: underfloor heating or radiators, all options are possible.

– A floor covering that fits your decoration: a wooden floor or floor tiles, we have the floor for each style. Whether you like modern, exotic, contemporary…

– A wall is covering for every style: We also have a lot of possibilities for the walls: wall tiles, paint, wallpaper …

– Bathroom furniture: of course, bathroom furniture can not found in your new bathroom. Here too we offer furniture in different styles, materials, and finishes, whether you choose colorful or just sober.

– Illumination: and in every bathroom is a good lighting.

The financing of your bathroom at an interest rate of 4.20% *!

The bathroom has been an important place for several years, in our home. We spend time by getting ready, and we always want more luxurious sanitation without the need for this luxury to be expensive. Walk-in showers, bubbles, we take the time to enjoy. American Builder Construction specializes in the bathrooms renovation in all of Maryland. Contact us quickly to enjoy this exclusive action! We will send you a correct price offer for your bathroom as soon as possible.

Home Interior Remodeling & Renovation Specialist

Kitchen RenovationAmerican Builders Construction, a company specialized in the renovation contractor in Maryland, provides you with quality service for all your interior renovation.
Regardless of the amount of work and the number of professionals required, we contact our certified contractors, we compare the quotes and withstand only the best
quotes. Key on the door? A quality site, done within deadlines.

House renovation is one of our most important activities and includes a lot of varied works, such as laying tiles, removing or renovating partitions or placing a
design bathroom. Our contractors can also offer fitted kitchens with excellent value for money. So do not hesitate and ask for an appointment regarding your house

Bathroom Renovation – A global pricing for renovating your bathroom contractors at the best price!

Attics and ceilings – Today, every square meter counts in a house. Hence, more and more families choose to optimize their living spaces in the home and to engage and
set up the attic rooms in the attic. That roof room thus becomes a room, a desk, a storage room or even a games room.

Finish – American Builders Construction, the Maryland specialist in quality renovation services offers you a key-to-door service for finishing throughout the house.

Cabinets and dressings – You want to install practical and beautiful cabinets to create storage space and optimize your living space? You always dreamed of a true
separate dressing for your passion for fashion or a real library box for your classics? American Builders Construction is the ideal partner for your indoor work and
makes it easier for you to live.

Care homes for the elderly – Unfortunately, most homes do not respond to the reality of the aging of the population; So many adjustments are needed in the construction
industry , and few seniors are able to carry the stress themselves that involve restructuring and the coordination of the various professionals. Now, just where
American Builders Construction are specialized, qualitative rebuilding works to secure homes.

Kitchen Renovation – You want to modernize your kitchen remodeling? Do you want to create more space in your kitchen remodeling or to totally decorate your kitchen cabinets? American Builders Construction is the specialist in the field of renovation work and interior finishing in Maryland.